Our Services

Doctor/Dentist Appointments

Errands Only

If you don't need a ride and would just like to stay home, great!  We will get your list, pick up what you need, and deliver right to your home.  This can include picking up dry cleaning, prescriptions (other than narcotics), groceries, or anything else that you need.  This service is great for busy moms, for people who don't want the hassle of going out to shop, or to someone who is home recovering from surgery.
We can bring you to your doctors appointment, help you check in, fill out paperwork, etc.  Then we can wait in the waiting room for you and be ready to get you back home or just provide a pick-up/drop-off service.  Also, we can help you out when you have thin​gs like oral surgery, a colonoscopy, or other minor procedures that need a driver.  Call us and we can help!

Hair/Barber/Nail Appointments

If you have a hair or nail appointment that you need a ride to, we are here for you.  .

Social Events

Maybe you and a couple of your friends would like to see a movie, go to dinner or any social event?  We can help with that too!

Grocery or Personal Shopping

We are happy to come with you, help you find what's on your list, and even carry your bags.  Then we will bring all your purchases in and even help put things away if you would like.

Help with Kids

Kids our of school for the summer and not old enough to drive?  We can help get them to and from camps or activies. 
The services outlined above are offered by Care to Ride, LLC and are subject to additional terms and conditions​.